Meter Reading

Our solution is aimed at fixing the problems and challenges the municipality the municipality deals with on a daily basis. On assessment of these challenges, it has been realized that a critical gap in addressing these challenges is to develop a program, systems that will • Support the Chief Financial Officer with credible meter readings and all the information with regards to meters as and when required, the benchmark is 95%
• Formulate a reading Cycle as per Chief Financial Officer’s requirement
• Add all meters in a GIS system thus allowing readers to use GPS navigation devices to locate all meters
• Ensure accuracy on all meter read
• Integrate our meter readings system with PROMIS(Professional Municipality Information System)
• Electronically send the user information readings in a specified format (New Reading, Previous Reading, Stand No, Meter Number, Stand ID Suburb Name, GPS Coordinates ) allow more information to be sent if needs be
• in-depth evaluate, audit water meters, this will result in the following reports
o Inaccessible Meters
o Damaged meters
o New Installations
o Tempered Meters
o Still Meter Readings
o Unread Meters
o Illegal Connections
o Meters that are not on Municipality Database or Billing System
• Reduce the recurrence of unread meters
• Use Local Labor and resources in the execution, empower them with skills and training
• Data backup to ensure that all data is protected and available as and when required by the Municipality
• Be in a possession to take readings within 48 hours as and when required by the consumers request
• Submit Monthly reports on all Meters Read and other supporting reports
• Develop a system that will be used as a monitoring tool for reading accuracy
• GIS integrated system
• Define land use (This will help in understanding the consumption amount)
• Differentiate between domestic and business usage
• Identify faulty, old, abnormal meters
• Provide data so the municipality can easily develop the meter replacement or maintenance plan
Regarding water meter infrastructure and the challenges the municipality is facing when it comes to water meter readings. The municipality is then forced to make decisions based upon unreliable and estimated readings. This leads the municipality to issue incorrect billing to it consumers or no billing to other consumers and raises billing disputes. This is a huge risk from the Revenue side as this is one of the core mechanisms for Municipality to generate income.

Water Management

Through our Telemetry system we are able to reduce the unaccounted for water losses in the Municipality. We remotely monitor all municipality water assets as listed below
• Reservoirs
• Towers
• Pump Stations
• Track Vehicles Usage
• Keep Track of Parts in Stores
• Track and Centralize Job Cards
• Manage Water Consumer satisfactory
• Track and Report on Most Problematic Areas
• Monitor the water that flows in and out
This system will gives the Municipality full control of their water assets

Overview of full site
Reservoir Overview
Sew Pum Overview