Unsatisfied customers and unmet targets usually indicate process problems within in an organization. Organizational processes that are not standardized and continuously monitored contain approximately 10% value adding steps and 90% non-value steps. Idol Consulting Firm assists organizations in Process Architecture through lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen implementation DMAIC methodology

Process Implementation and standardization
Process study and digitization
Loss identification and elimination
Data Analyses and trending
Productivity studies and implementation of improvement strategies
Facility studies and optimization
Bottle neck identification and elimination
With every new process developed we ensure to compile business requirements that detail inputs required, automations required and expected measurable results that focus on systems optimization

Project Management

Our Team has been involved in Project, Program and Portfolio Management of multi-discipline projects, Project feasibility studies, case studies, supply of professional staff, implementation of procured solutions and solutions that are internally developed by our clients, as well as the supply of specialized product projects across industries and within various African countries. The Consulting Tribe subscribes to the following frameworks and methodologies:

PMBOK® (Project Management Body of Knowledge)
PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments)
ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)
SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)
Developing a fit-for-purpose approach for each project rather than a one-size-fits-all

In applying best practice approach, we are agile and select practices that are best fit for our partners including those prescribed by our partners.

Business Analyses

Idol Offers Excellent Business Analyses services. Our Business Analysts are highly qualified and have experience in various technology industries.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Services

We can help your business leaders make better informed decisions by understanding your data and analyzing it to gather insights and trends that will help guide the business towards achieving its strategic objectives. We bring analytic skills that will enable us to dig through data and emerge with actionable insight to better position your company. Also important is understanding the industry and deliverable relevant insight and solutions that will enable your company to better compete and understand industry trends to give your company a competitive edge. Data is everywhere, and we can extract data from multiple sources within and external to the business, transform and manage such data and enable you to analyze various aspect of your business and throughout your value chain. Turning data into insight and delivering this actionable insight to the right people in the right form and in time to make decisions required to drive the organizational strategy.


BI projects typically arise due to a need to understand and improve a business situation, our consultants are trained to gather the right information and liaise with the business stakeholders to understand the business needs, problems, data (internal and external), what drives the business and the industry and what aspect of the business is measurable and quantifiable. It is our job to analyze and make sense of data using various tools, offer insight and solutions to problems based on findings from data analysis. Providing reports on operational processes and analysis tools to empower business users to perform their own in-depth analysis at various organizational levels.

Tools and Technologies

Choosing the best technologies to manage and analyze data is a key strength. We select technologies and tools that best align with your current technology infrastructure and our architects will advise on the best suitable tools and technology tailored for your company. Microsoft Stack (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)
Oracle Business Intelligence Suite
ClickView (reports and dashboards)
Open Source tools (BI and Reporting/dashboards)

Training Mehodology

Our training if both effective and efficient. Training is effective when trainees are equipped with the ability to perform their day-to-day tasks and activities. Training is also considered to be effective if the training that each employee attends is relevant to their specific jobs that they will perform using the new s. Training is efficient when the cost to deliver it is minimised both from a time perspective as well as a budget perspective.

Effective and efficient learning is a critical success factor to secure employee acceptance of the new. Without appropriately knowledgeable staff, the successful ongoing utilization and adoption of the s will be significantly challenged Training material will be developed based on the needs analysis conducted. On Completion of the training the attendees shall be awarded with attendance certificates and the evaluation forms will be kept by Idol Consulting.

Change Management

Businesses must constantly evolve and adapt to meet a variety of challenges—from changes in technology, to the rise of new competitors, to a shift in laws, regulations, or underlying economic trends. Failure to do so could lead to stagnation or, worse, failure. Approximately 50 percent of all organizational change initiatives are unsuccessful, highlighting why knowing how to plan for, coordinate, and carry out change is a valuable skill for managers and business leaders alike.