Lean & Agile

We easily adapt to any environment especially
dynamic and innovative environment.


Continuous Improvement

We are constantly learning so we can provide Top Class
service because we are at a stage where we need to
constantly prove ourselves

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)


1.) Initiation

Begins when a sponsor identifies a need or an opportunity. Concept proposal is created.

2.) System Concept Development

Defines the scope or boundary of the concepts. Includes Systems Boundary Document. Cost Benefit Analysis. Risk Management Plan and Feasibility Study.

3.) Planning

Develops a Project Management plan and other planning documents. Provided the basis for acquiring the resources needed to achieve a solution.

4.) Analysis

Analyses user needs and develops user requirements. Create a detailed Functional Requirements Document,

5.) Design

Transforms detailed requirements into complete, detailed Systems Design Document Focuses on how to deliver the required functionality.

6.) Development

Converts a design into a complete information system, Includes acquiring and installing systems environment; creating and testing databases, preparing test case procedures; preparing test files, coding, compiling, refining programs; performing test readiness review and procurement activities.

7.) Integration and Test Demonstrates

that developed system conforms to requirements as specified in the Functional Requirements Document conducted by quality assurance stuff and users. Produces test analysis Reports.


Includes implementation and preparation of the system into a production environment and resolution of problems identified in the integration and test phases.

9.) Operations & Maintenance

Describes tasks to operate and maintain information systems in a production environment. Includes

10.) Disposition

Describes end-of-system activities, emphasis is given to proper preparation of data.

Director Experience

The founder of Idol consulting Firm has had extensive experience as a Consultant from major companies in South Africa including major businesses below:

Joburg Market

Web support and Maintenance


App Development and support, testing

Mogale City Municipality

leak detection and ICT support


App Development and support, testing


Web support and Maintenance

Standard Bank

App Development and support, testing


App Development and support, testing

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